The Faith of Abel

It is true that we are saved by Grace through Faith, but it is not an easy beliefism. Faith is proved genuine through obedience to Jesus Christ and true redemptive faith leads to a new heart that will help drive a desire to serve Him as we begin to feel the work of the Holy Spirit working from within us. Listen to Pastor Virgil Farr discuss the first man of faith, Abel!

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One Response to “The Faith of Abel”

  1. Brian W. says:

    True. We sin because we are sinners; NOT, we are sinners because we sin. Thank you for the affirmation that our sinfulness is propagated to us from Adam. Many in the churches are denying this essential biblical truth today. Salvation and repentance hinges on this distinction–sin vs. sins. Repentance that is mere regret for individual sinful actions is psychological (soulish) and is inadequate for salvation (see Judas Iscariot). True repentance is a realization of the inherent sinfulness of fallen humanity and the futility of any attempts to earn our way back to God (see Isaiah 6). And faith in Christ’s sacrifice for us is the only remedy.